Author: Saba Sankauskas


06 Apr How Important is Design?

Design and branding IS EVERYTHING Take Apple for instance, everyone has a working phone and most people already use or have had an apple product in the past. Yet people are already waiting in line for their 'new' iphone 6. Sure its bigger and better but do...

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Disc Coating

05 Apr What is Coating?

High Gloss UV Coating is a waterproofing process used to protect the Disc. Inkjet printed discs are subject to delicate handling. Fingers can mark the disc surface and if any moisture or water gets on the surface the ink will run. Not very professional! Many companies claim...

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04 Apr Did you know we print ?

We are also a digital printer and offset print broker CD/DVD booklets and backslicks packages 6 panel cardboard sleeves and digipacks Business cards Posters/flyers Stickers & more Banners A4 folders Any Size, Any Quantity Coated and uncoated stocks Spot and pantone colours Spot and gloss varnishing Embossing and more And if it’s not listed above we can still...

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Keep Calm & Sell More

06 Oct Using Media = More Profit

Everyone said printing would become obsolete - but it hasn’t, and in fact more people than ever before are producing print materials to stand out from the crowd. A recent survey found that people will pay 50% more for a physical product, and even more if...

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Cut costs in half

05 Oct Cut your costs in half

How to save you money at tax time Prepare in Advance If you give yourself more time it gives you more options and will also open up alternative processes, which can take longer to produce but will save you money. Quantity Everyone knows the saying but in this case More...

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04 Oct Get your USB on !

Be creative! We challenge you to custom design your own USB. It will be the best marketing tool you ever had and will look so cute. Why are USBs one of the best marketing tools? 1. Useful Not just another promo giveaway. USBs will be used over and over...

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