Cut your costs in half

Cut costs in half

05 Oct Cut your costs in half

How to save you money at tax time

Prepare in Advance

If you give yourself more time it gives you more options and will also open up alternative processes, which can take longer to produce but will save you money.


Everyone knows the saying but in this case┬áMore = Less. Yes that’s right as the more you do the cheaper the unit price will be.

You might even get twice as much product for the same amount of money you were planning on spending.

Monocrome Printing

Black and White printing can be just as effective if used the right way.

Perhaps forgo the coloured print on the disc and then use a full colour package to put it in…. a more cost effective solution which saves you money!

Package it yourself

If you’re prepared to get the crew together over some drinks and put together your product it will save you some dough.

Are you using the right product?

Your boss may have been asked to get CDs done, but have you thought about what to pack it in? Do they have to be in a bulky case with loose paper parts or can it be a cardboard package.

What about a BluRay rather than standard DVD to give your film an edge, or an EcoDisc if your environmentally conscious.

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