Warehouse, Shipping & Order Fulfilment

ATD has various warehousing, shipping and fulfilment options that will help you provide outstanding service to your customers.

Our fulfilment service enable us to receive the request from your customer and send out your media package – while it’s still fresh in their minds (within one business day).

This service allows your customer to receive requested items quickly – which makes it more likely that they’ll make another purchase in the future.

At ATD, we take pride in our fast, efficient distribution – and take all the necessary steps to ensure that your packages get to the consumer, fast.

  • Simplify your direct-to-consumer supply capability
  • Get all the best prices on storage and shipping
  • Offer your products to be ordered online as well as in-house

Flexible Shipping Solutions

ATD offers clients a full range of shipping options.

From overnight shipping, signature on delivery, bulk or single package orders – ATD has the expertise, technology and the equipment to make it happen.

ATD tracking technology ensures that each and every package is delivered safely – no matter if it is a single order or an order of thousands.

Trained logistics team can help you to analyse the dimension, weight and durability of your media package in order to maximise safety while keeping the costs low.

Modern technology, stock and order tracking, as well as media warehousing – means that each product is delivered safely, on time, and at a minimal cost.

Flexible Shipping Solutions

Warehouse Options

Warehouse Options

Are your media products taking over your office, garage or storage unit?

With ATD media warehouse solution, you can move all of your boxes of discs, USBs or print material into a specialised media warehouse.

At ATD we have built a large, secure and weather protected warehouse custom designed for media products.

Now you can simply focus on expanding your business and let ATD take care of the rest.

From heavy-duty industrial racks, forklift, specialised equipment to modern tracking technology and skilled staff ATD is here to help you.

ATD has technical expertise and mechanical capabilities to assist you from the early stages of your media project to helping you become a mega-media business.

  • Quick and simple migration of your products to ATD media warehouse
  • Never again worry about moving any of your media products
  • Expand the range of your media products as your business grows

Stay Informed

ATD inventory reporting system lets you track and manage your product any time.

Some of our clients use inventory tracking to increase their up-selling opportunities by anticipating customer’s needs and buying patterns.

From automated to basics, ATD’s system receives new orders, verifies the shipping address and sends the customer their tracking information.

ATD’s CRM system allows clients to track and monitor orders and inventory in real time.

Warehouse orders and inventory tracking system can be customised to notify daily, weekly, monthly, or custom designed to meet requirements of your business.

Just like other ATD clients you’ll have the benefit of always being informed and up to speed with your inventory.

With ATD media warehouse and tracking system you will never run out of stock while keeping backorders to a minimum.

Stay Informed