Get your USB on !


04 Oct Get your USB on !

Be creative!

We challenge you to custom design your own USB. It will be the best marketing tool you ever had and will look so cute.

Why are USBs one of the best marketing tools?

1. Useful

Not just another promo giveaway. USBs will be used over and over by your clients for storage, so make sure your logo is branded so you are forever in view and their minds

2. Clever

If done right you can make the shape of your USB your logo, which will give you a point of difference, a creative edge and will soon become an in office favourite.

3. Storage

This is designed for you to put your valuable information on – for your valuable clients, and with many different size options you can give away as much or as little about yourself as you want.

Not only can you do almost anything with these babies, whether they are blank for you to use as and when you need within your company, or maybe you have a database to mail out about a new project that now has all of this info on a USB.

USBs are definitely here to stay! I even saw a cute jewellery necklace one for the ladies.

Come in and see us to view our large range of optionsĀ at 3-7 Hurtle Square Adelaide.