How Important is Design?


06 Apr How Important is Design?

Design and branding IS EVERYTHING

Take Apple for instance, everyone has a working phone and most people already use or have had an apple product in the past. Yet people are already waiting in line for their ‘new’ iphone 6.

Sure its bigger and better but do we rally need it? Its all about branding and product design.

Apple have always been able to innovate and re-invent their products creating an emotional need and a demand for consumers to continuously upgrade.

Here at ATD we aim to approach branding and design in a similar way.
We will take the same idea but apply it to a start up or small business where ‘branding’ exercises are costly and unnecessary.

Our team won’t just make it look good we will make sure your identity and logo creates an emotional response in a similar way to apple consumers but with your target audience.
Your marketing material will have a purpose and is designed with purpose.

Your Branding, layout and images can make or break your product.
They all say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but secretly we all do

  • Affordable CD/DVD cover Design
  • Branding and Logo Development
  • Business cards, Stationary and Stickers
  • Advertising & Print Brochures/Posters/Flyers