Preserve your memories to last a lifetime – transfer and convert

Transfer & Convert

03 Apr Preserve your memories to last a lifetime – transfer and convert

Don’t have an old video player or cassette deck to watch your wedding video or to listen to your old favourites?

Or just want to make copies and preserve those family home video moments forever?

ATD has equipment and expertise to take care of sensitive material and give a professional makeover to your precious memories.

We can transfer and convert from almost any format to Disc or other media. For example from Film or Video to DVD or from Cassette tapes, Records or Reel to Reel to CD.

Did you know ATD was the first company in Australia to specialise in Real Time Tape duplication and media conversion ?

We Deliver high quality conversion with NO QUALITY LOSS ranging from video and audio cassette tapes, to classic vinyl albums or even photo albums and slides.

High Quality transfers done in Real Time
Combine all of your material onto digital formats

  • Video tape to DVD conversion
  • VHS/VCR to DVD
  • Betamax & Camcorder tapes to DVD
  • Audio conversion to CD and/or mp3
  • Vinyl & Cassette tapes to CD
  • Reel to Reel tapes to CD
  • Slide, Negative & Photo Scanning to Digital, & DVD Slideshows
  • Old photo restoration

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.