Creating and manufacturing copies of professional media products

ATD creates discs (CD/DVD/BluRay) – duplication and replication, plus USBs  – for consumer and commercial requirements.


Our production services also includes mastering, ripping, printing, packaging, and cassette duplication.


A brief video introduction to some of our production services:


Disc Manufacturing

ATD delivers quick turnaround at the lowest price available in Australia. Fast and efficient production without compromise on quality.


For orders of 1 to 500 discs, ATD makes high quality copies of your CD, DVD, Dual Layer, Blu-ray or USB using state-of-the art high quality duplication equipment.

For orders of 25 to 500 discs, ATD makes high quality copies of the DVD, CD, EcoDisc, Blu-ray and USB using state-of-the art duplication equipment.

With 20 modern and high-end duplication stations dedicated to handle any urgent project on short notice.

In order to avoid data errors and corrupted discs, each and every disc copy is double checked against the master using exclusive, specialised, stand alone equipment.

The approved discs are then printed as applicable – either with Thermal Print Technology or professional quality 4800 DPI Inkjet (with the highest printing resolution available in a market).




Replication is normally more cost effective and practical for large quantities, typically 500 discs or more – subject to your production schedule requirements.

Larger production runs of over 500 discs require ATD’s replication services in order to produce them efficiently and cost effectively.

First a glass master is made from the original disc. The disc data is then stamped into the plastic disc with a metal die and the top of the disc is printed with an offset press.

The production process is slightly longer then duplication, but the cost savings are quite considerable. Lead time 10-15 days.

For details about how our discs are created:

Disc Coating

For a professional finish the printed and tested copies of the discs can be varnished with a UV coating. This popular extra service adds a high-gloss sheen that makes discs look more professional.

ATD is one of the few in Australia who use a unique varnishing process to protect your disc.
Many other companies claim they use a similar process, but none compare to our high gloss finish. Not only is it about the look of the disc – this process ensures the disc is completely waterproof and protected from fingerprints and scratches.

Disc Coating


ATD can supply blank or duplicated promotional USBs – printed with your logo/design.

The USB design is limited to your imagination: Choose the style, capacity (500Mb-64Gb), artwork design for printing if required, and quantity.

Why use ATD for your USBs?

  • A Grade USB chips guaranteed to last
  • Direct from the factory (no middle man)
  • Free Data upload (conditions apply)

We supply an interesting range of USB styles – to suit various requirements:  See More



We offer the highest quality stereo and 5.1 pre-mastering, CD, CD Enhanced, and DVD-A authoring, and full audio restoration.

We have the expertise, equipment, and skills to achieve the full sound potential of your project.

As more and more artists are choosing to record in project and home studios, high-quality professional mastering in an acoustically accurate room has never been more important. See More

Have your bands EP sounding as professional as Sia Furler who we had the pleasure of working with on her first few albums.

We’ll work with you through every step of the process to achieve outstanding results.




ATD provides professional ripping services where your entire CD collection can be ripped to an MP3 device or hard drive.

We can convert your CDs to any format without loosing quality and also transfer all the metadata so you can file your CDs by artist and individual track listings.

We also provide digital cover art of your CD for access on your device.

We can transfer to any lossless format as well as MP3 versions.
Ask us about converting your physical CDs to digital today.


We can print directly onto the digital media – CD/DVD/BluRay or USB.

We also print associated covers, packaging, booklets, or other items as required.

Our design services can assist with the styling and artwork required.

Printing guidelines (PDFs):



For a professional look, the packaging for your discs and USB devices we create can all be designed, developed, and processed in-house at ATD.

The right packaging solution can enhance the professional image, and lifespan of your media items.

Cassette duplication

ATD started in 1981, with REAL TIME audio cassette manufacturing – the first such commercial facility to be established in Australia.

ATD lead the field with the highest quality cassettes recorded at normal running speed on a large bank of hi-end Nakamichi cassette decks.

We provided real time audio cassette duplication on premium grade Chrome cassettes and hi-Speed duplication on Promaster or HE grade cassettes. We also offered printing onto the cassette bodies as well as printing cassette covers.

As new technology has moved us out of the tape industry, we are limited with what tape services we can provide and what is still available – but do do still offer real time cassette duplication and welcome your enquiry regarding this retro format !

Cassette Duplication