Disc Manufacturing

ATD – Disc & Print

How are Discs made?

There are two technologies ATD can use to make your Discs – one is pressed Discs, and the other is recordable Discs. It really depends on the quantity of Discs you need and the time frame you need them in.

Duplication V Replication

A pressed or Replicated Disc is made on very large Disc presses. It involves making a glass master from your recordable Master, injection moulding, pouring out the Disc substrate material and then stamping out the Discs.

We literally make the Discs from polycarbonate. Once the Discs are stamped out, we then print them and put your artwork onto the Disc surface.

Recordable or Duplicated Discs are printed and/or burned/written one at a time on a series of Disc printers and writers. They can be printed in black only through to full colour, We also UV coat them for protection and they look great.

A laser actually burns the image onto the back of a blank recordable Disc. The data comes from your Disc Master, or from a Disc Master we make for you, and is transferred to a standalone burn unit as a HD image which is then recorded onto the Disc.

Disc Manufacturing

Which is better?

Recordable Discs are ideally suited for projects were you need a small quantity of Discs or they are required very quickly. The time to produce recordable Discs is dependent on a number of factors and can vary from same day to several days.

If your Discs are to be printed and/or you require paper parts, we highly recommend starting the printing portion of your job early. All you need to do is to get the art files to us as specified in our specification sheets.

Pressed Discs are suited for large quantity runs (over 500 of one title) that are not on a tight production schedule. Pressed Discs take between 10 and 15 business days to produce from the time the artwork proof is approved and this proof is sent off with the Disc Master for manufacture.

Producing Discs in a RUSH

ATD – Disc & Print is committed to meeting your tight production deadlines.

  • The following is a list of essentials that we need to know to ensure your quote is correct and we meet your deadline.
  • When your Disc Master will be arriving,
  • When your artwork (both Disc and /or paper parts) will be arriving,
  • Quantity of Discs required
  • Type of packaging required (i.e.standard jewel case, DVD case, Blu Ray case, PVC sleeve etc).
  • Date you need your job completed.

Some helpful hints:

SEND YOUR ARTWORK EARLY. If you have your artwork files before your Disc Master, send them to us so we can ensure they are correct and meet our specifications. Plus we can have it set-up and a printed sample ready to go for when you come in with your master.

TEST your Disc Master, and then TEST it again. TEST it on all platforms – eg Mac, PC, CD player for CDs etc. Put it in different computers or players so that you know it is completely compatible.