Mastering Suite

ATD Mastering

In aiming to expand our manufacturing area and mastering facility, ATD has moved a step further by creating the best possible audio environment in which to house world-class digital editing equipment.

ATD’s superb, newly refurbished Mastering Suite offers a better deal for you, with all post-production, manufacturing and product preparation services housed under the one roof, providing the greatest possible value for money.

The resulting $125,000 Digital Sound Suite is an exacting, purpose-built site created by nationally acclaimed audio acoustic designer Chris Morton, of ARO Technology in Adelaide.

The new suite marks the third step in ATD’s development of digital post-production. ‘Having created the first digital sound suite in Adelaide in 1991, we have financed two sweeping refurbishments of the facility to ensure the best possible equipment and audio listening environment’ said Mr Ears (audio guru and Mastering Engineer Al Sankauskas).

At the heart of this lies the Soundscape, a European digital audio system with the flexibility to be expanded to provide up to 128 tracks, and to interface with any IBM-compatible computer.

ATD was so impressed with the machine’s performance it now acts as Soundscape’s South Australian distributor.

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