USB Media Options

Some of the types of USB media available, that we can supply blank or as duplicated media.

At ATD we can provide you with the highest quality USB drives in various styles.

Why buy USBs from ATD?

  • Australian owned company
  • Premium Quality A Grade USB Drives
  • Duplication of your USBs here in Australia – so your IP is protected
  • 250MB-64GB memory size options (4GB most popular)
  • Full Colour Printing and various styles of drives available
  • Factory Direct prices and delivery options

Promotional USBs

USB Drives and Sticks are being used by clients in a number of ways:

Promotional USBs as a marketing tool

We can print your logo directly onto a USB Memory Stick and immediately it become a marketing tool or promotional product for your company or brand.

We can supply them blank for you to give out to clients at events, functions so your brand is constantly in their minds every time they use the USB drive. Which makes USBs highly functional giveaways or gifts and a successful marketing platform.

Practically we all use USBs for storage, means you can safely and securely transfer large volumes of data from one computer to another.

This also means you can have your USB drives – pre-loaded with information; music, video’s anything you like. A number of clients use them for internal staff trainings and remote access locations where internet access is not always available.

USB Styles

Swivel USB

This is the most popular style as it’s versatile, cost effective and durable.
Available from as little as 100 units+

Choose any colour you desire as the base of your drive, we can colour match to your logo using RGB,CMYK,PMS and SPOT colours. Both black and Full colour logo print options are available.

Swivel USB
 Credit Card USB

This is the business card of USBs and are the perfect membership storage card can be printed both sides in colour which makes it really sand out as a marketing piece.

Also available from 100+ units.

Credit Card USB
Metal Key USBs

These speak for themselves, they are versatile as they can be used as keyrings too.

Metal Key USB
Wristband USBs

Don’t every loose your USB again, these attach around your wrist and are made of a highly durable silicone.

Choose the base of your band from any colour of the rainbow for us to print onto.

Wristband USBs
Pen drive USBs

These have two uses, it is an actual working pen with ink so you can write with it, and the top opens to show a USB drive.
Colored, and Classic Metal Pen/USB drives available.

These are also able to be printed on and will make for a memorable item.

Paper Key USBs

These are marketing pieces in themselves as they are a brochure combined with a cardboard USB within the package.

Only available in 500+ quantities and can come in 1 page, 3 page – with fold options too.

Paper Key USB
Custom USBs


Custom moulded USBs can be created to meet your branding requirements. Minimum quantities apply.

Please contact us for a quote.

Custom USB

Packaging your USBs

If you need your USBs to look professional various packaging options are available, please contact us for more information.
Packaged USB


All the options above take 3weeks to produce.

If you are after a quick USB solution or require under 100 units, we can supply you with unprinted verbatim USBs and can even print stickers for you too!

How to Order USBs through ATD
Step 1 – Choose your style of drive
Step 2 – Choose your capacity (1GB,4GB,8GB etc)
Step 3 – Choose your Quantity
Step 4 – Call or Email us for a quote and to order your drives

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