Using Media = More Profit

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06 Oct Using Media = More Profit

Everyone said printing would become obsolete – but it hasn’t, and in fact more people than ever before are producing print materials to stand out from the crowd.

A recent survey found that people will pay 50% more for a physical product, and even more if it looks good and stands out!

So why not try a CD, DVD or USB for your next media project rather than simply creating an online download.

How to sell more – Marketing is easy, just follow these steps….

Let us help you… have you considered these essential elements?

Research your target audience
Make sure you do your homework.
You could be missing out on a niche market and not capitalizing on your opportunity.

What media type best suits them? – Have you considered what your customers prefer?

Perhaps they are an older audience and don’t know how to use a flashy new USB drive or don’t even have a computer, so maybe printed material is the better solution for them.

What is your message? – What are you trying to do with your product?

Sell it? Use it as a promotional tool? It is very important you are clear on what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

Make sure you have :

  • effective design and package presentation
  • cost effective distribution
  • tracked your return on investment

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