What is Coating?

Disc Coating

05 Apr What is Coating?

High Gloss UV Coating is a waterproofing process used to protect the Disc.

Inkjet printed discs are subject to delicate handling. Fingers can mark the disc surface and if any moisture or water gets on the surface the ink will run. Not very professional!

Many companies claim they ‘coat’ your discs, but in actual fact the majority don’t and if they do they use sprays and substandard techniques and laqueurs that are not UV treated and therefore are not completely waterproof.
ATD has an exclusive machine dedicated to coat your discs and we even have clients and competitors who print and record their own discs actually bring in thir discs for this unique coating procedure.

However this High Gloss look and coating process is only used on a duplicated product.

Many people get confused about the difference in duplication and replication process and how the two products look completely different.

Duplication is the method where your discs are inkjet printed coated and then essentially the data is ‘burnt’ or loaded onto our machines.
These professional duplication machines copy your disc with 100% accuracy.

Replication is where a glass master is created and your discs are ‘pressed’ out from a metal stamper. These discs are printed using offset and screen printing techniques. These discs have a silver base and are the same standard as what you would buy in a store from your favourite world famous band. These discs are naturally water resistant so are not coated with our Gloss UV coating, but you can accidently scratch the printing off to reveal the silver base.

For this reason some clients still choose to duplicate their discs in 500+ quantities

Perfect for companies with a high reputation
Why have your product coated….

  • Professional look
  • High Gloss finish
  • Waterproof layer

Come in and visit us so we can show you some samples and see the difference for yourself!