Duplication and Replication

Fast and efficient production without compromise on quality, for consumer and commercial requirements.


For orders of 1 to 500 discs, ATD makes high quality copies of your CD, DVD, Blu-ray, USB or Memory Cards – using high quality duplication equipment.

In order to avoid data errors and corrupted discs, each and every disc copy is double checked against the master using exclusive, specialised equipment.

Optical media and USB Drives can then be printed if required.


This process is normally more cost effective and practical for large quantities, typically 500 discs or more – subject to your production schedule requirements.

First a glass master is made from the original disc. The disc data is then stamped into the plastic disc with a metal die and the top of the disc is printed with an offset press.

The production process is slightly longer than duplication, but the cost savings are quite considerable. Lead time 10-15 days.

Duplication & Conversion

Conversion – Audio & Video Transfer

We provide high quality conversion services, ranging from video and audio cassette tapes, to classic vinyl albums or even photo albums and slides.

ATD has equipment and expertise to take care of sensitive media and give a professional makeover to your precious memories.

Speed and quality of delivery is assured and your precious memories get the attention they deserve.

  • Video Tape to DVD Conversion
    • VHS & VCR to DVD Transfer, Betamax & Camcorder Tapes
  • Audio Conversion to CD and MP3
    • Vinyl Records, Cassette Tapes & Reel to Reel Audio Tape
  • Slide, Negative & Photo Scanning to Digital, & DVD Slideshows
    • DVD Video Slideshows and Photo Restoration